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DC Research Leagues for 2018

Ahead of Round 5 of the Club Championship this coming Sunday (HQ Kibworth Grammar School, Kibworth 25 mile course, first rider off at 9 am), where riders will also compete for the Armstrong and Hunter Cup, the composition of the DC Research League has been finalised.   

The DC Research Leagues offers the chance for club members to compete with those of similar ability in a season-long competition. The League is based around the Club Championship and comprises five divisions. Riders are allocated a division according to their best performance on a 25 mile time trial in the past year, or if no time is available then a 10 mile time trial or failing that at the score keeper’s discretion. This means that the five divisions will each contain riders of broadly similar ability which should make for a fair competition. 

DC Research is research company specialising in economics, creative and culture, operating across the UK from bases in Leicester and Carlisle.  For more information, and examples of their work, visit the DC Research website or follow @DCResearchUK on twitter.


Peter Bentley
Matt Crabtree
Jonathan Durnin
Adrian Killworth
James Lowe
Richard Mortimer
Matt Plews
Phil Rayner
Hans van Nierop


Bill Barrie
Chris Dainty
John Ellis
Ed Grandidge
Dan High
Linda Hubbard
Nik Kershaw
Julian Middleton
Jason Williams


Mark Chapman
Steven Coulam
Carl Roberts
Dominic Switzer
David Sweetman
Richard Vallance
Matthew Vallins
Simon Ward
Steven Welch


David Bennett
James Bennett
Jennifer Clegg
Tom Evans
Stewart Holland
David Reay
Kian Traynor
John Welsford


Paul Barker
David Bayliss
Michael Carter
Lorna Marlow
Russell Sharp
Charlie Simpson
Ray Taylor
Andrew Weatherby




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