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Welcome to Whizz Kids!

Whizz KidsWhizz Kids are the junior section of Welland Valley which is run as part of the established British Cycling’s development programme HSBC UK Go-Ride for young people which provides a fun and safe way to introduce young riders to the world of cycle sport and provides a platform to improve  core bike handling skills. Our key aim is to get young riders having fun on bikes and improving their skills.

We are an accessible club and we offer sessions free of charge, all we ask is that you complete a parent consent form before the first session.  We also need riders to have a roadworthy bike, a correctly fitting helmet and we suggest bringing a drink with you as well, other than that you’re good to go.

We look forward to welcoming you to our club!

Kevin Nicholls

Consent, Safeguarding & Code of Conduct

As part of our Safeguarding policy Whizz Kids need consent from a parent or legal guardian to take part in our events

Quality coaching in traffic free, controlled environment


A programme of safe, structured coaching activities will teach your child the fundamental skills they need in order to ride their bike in a responsible and controlled manner. Furthermore, all Go-Ride coaching activities are delivered in a traffic free environment. Any type of bike can be used, so long as it is in good condition, and a cycling helmet must be worn.

What will my child gain from this? The Go-Ride programme of cycling activities promotes good health and includes fun activities that are easy to learn. As obesity levels in young people rise, cycling can be seen as a very enjoyable way of getting exercise and countering sedentary lifestyles. Cycling can be easily incorporated into daily life.

As your child gains confidence, he or she can take on a variety of challenges, games and competitions and all of the activities can be adapted to meet varying needs within the group.

Will my child be safe? All Go-Ride clubs have a commitment to ongoing training for their volunteers, coaches and officials, to have a sound structure, to be fair and equitable and to undertake training to support British Cycling’s Policies and Guidelines for child protection and best practice.

The programme of Go-Ride coaching activities can only be delivered through British Cycling qualified coaches who have signed up to a coaching code of conduct. Parents therefore have peace of mind that children are receiving their training from qualified instructors.

Club officials also have an ongoing commitment to training, to have a structure within their club, and to be fair and equitable. Each Go-Ride club is required to have a Club Welfare Officer who must undertake NSPCC endorsed child protection training. The Club Welfare Officer will promote and support the implementation of British Cycling’s policy on good practice and child protection.

What qualifications will British Cycling coaches have? All coaches in Go-Ride clubs must be British Cycling qualified coaches. All British Cycling coaching awards include sports coach UK’s Good Practice and Child Protection workshop and British Cycling’s Including Everyone: Cycling Equity home study module, which help to ensure that Go-Ride clubs are safe and welcoming environments for young people of all backgrounds. Coaches are also encouraged to broaden their knowledge to suit their particular requirements, for example attending the sports coach UK Working with Disabled Sportspeople workshop. British Cycling has a Coach Licensing Scheme that requires all qualified coaches to retain annual membership and hold a valid First Aid certificate.


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