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Whizz Kids Homecoming

Good afternoon Whizz Kids, sorry be the lateness of the report this week. Welland Park is the home of Whizz Kids and it’s where we started many years ago and it’s been a few months since we ran a session there and for me it’s always special to come home the first time in the year. After a busy three weeks which has seen a muddy family ride, a less muddy cross it was time for some core skills – and for the older Whizz Kids there was a bit of mud sticking to the tyres, gears and shiny new trainers at the end of the session. We worked in two groups with Simon and Ben looking after the multi speeders with Kev and Ian guiding the single speeders and balance bikes around our tarmac course. Ben and Simon concentrated on some mounting and dismounting as well as bring into play the bank before finishing on the oval and a musical cones to finish with, Mea being the last rider standing. The youngsters had a mini Welland Park Road set out and their session concentrated on corners, changes of route, the odd mini roundabout and some stop boxes before a circle of doom. The Stop box got progressively shorter and chapeau to the junior whizz kid who had the foresight to stop sideways in the box where there was clearly far more space to stop.
Thanks to Simon, Ben and Ian for guiding our riders around and to the parents who supported the riders. We’re back in three weeks and details will follow.
See you next time – Toodle Pip!


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