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It’s Bruntingthorpe time! Registration is now open for TTs and Team Races

It’s Bruntingthorpe time.  And registration for the club’s major showpiece event of the year is open now.

We’ve got four team road races – open to all club members whatever your speed or racing experience – and four time trials.  There will also be Whizz Kids sessions on these evenings, using the usual Whizz Kids signing on system.

All the events are on Tuesday evenings; with the team road races on July 13, 27 and August 10 and 24; and the TTs on July 20 and August 3, 17 and 31.

Sign-on for both the road races and TTs opens at 6.05pm; with the action getting underway at 7pm prompt. Competitors are asked not to arrive at Bruntingthorpe before 6pm.

To take part in any of the events, you must be a WVCC member, you must pre-register and you must have a TLI licence. 

A TLI licence also provides you with third party insurance for all official club events (including TTs on the road, club runs, chain gang) for a 12 month period.

Your licence will cost £15 (for adults, £10 for juniors and for under 16s the licence is free); but a discount system means your usual £5 entry fee for road races and TTs can work out as little as £1.50 per event. Bargain.

You can get your licence here (

As well as signing on in advance, at your first Bruntingthorpe event you will be required to show proof of your TLI licence (on your phone or a print out).

Once you’ve got your licence, click here to enter the Bruntingthorpe events – and remember, the more events you enter, the cheaper it gets.

A step by step guide to signing on and paying for these events can be found here:

Thank you to our hosts at Bruntingthorpe, Cox Automotive, for welcoming the Club back.

So, in more detail:

Team Road Races

There will be three team road races running concurrently on the Bruntingthorpe track.  You will be allocated a race that matches your riding speed and experience.

You will be racing in a team of 4-7 riders of similar ability against another team (or teams) of similar ability.

  • The A Race will be for the quickest riders – for example, those who usually go out on the fast club run / fast chain gang group or who race regularly.
  • The B Race will be for mid-speed riders – for example, those who would normally go out on the brisk club run, or the middle chain gang group
  • The C race will be for steadier riders – for example, those who would normally go out on the steady or very steady club run.

Each race will be c55 minutes plus one lap.

There will be points awarded for all finishing positions from first to last within your race.

There will also be intermediate sprint laps within each race, with further points up for grabs for first, second and third places.

Each team will have a Road Captain – and it will be up to him/her to decide race tactics. Do you go for a breakaway to hoover up all the points; or bide your time and trust your sprinters?

Whatever, the team with the highest number of points wins, and there will be an individual trophy for both the senior and under 18 rider with the best results overall. Simples.

Time trials

Races will be over the classic 10 mile distance; with 30 second intervals at the start.

The number of competitors will be limited to 60 and demand for places is sure to be high, so early booking is advised.

All points will count towards the Club Championship awards, including the Cox Automotive Leagues and the Nev Brooks trophy.

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