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2021 TT Championship


View the 2021 WVCC Club Calendar to see all Welland Valley CC events.

Links to the results for the 2021 TT Championship can be found below (with thanks to club member Mike Ives for his technical wizardry to create and publish these online results)…

The main results index page, with links to all of the results and league tables, can be found here

Or jump straight to what you’re looking for using the links to the individual events plus the different categories and league tables below…

Alternatively, if you’re looking for the club marshaling rota, then it’s available from this page

2021 TT Championship

The Club Championship is open to all categories and in 2021 will be contested over seventeen events, with the best nine results to count.  In each category the fastest rider scores 60, 2nd scores 55, 3rd 51, and then 48, 46, 44, 42, 40, 39, 38, etc

In addition to the Overall Championship there are medals in the various categories for Ladies, Juveniles, Juniors and Veterans. The Veteran section is calculated using the ‘standard’ handicap system.  Veteran competitions will be open to those aged 50 or over.

There is also a Men’s and Women’s Club Championship for road bikes, based on results ridden on road bikes in 2021 TT Championship events.  Specific rules for this category are here


  • Event 1 – 13th April, 10 Mile TT ,Thorpe Langton
  • Event 2 – 24th April, NDCA 10 Mile TT, Naseby (including regional GHS round)
  • Event 3 – 27th April, 10 Mile TT ,Thorpe Langton
  • Event 4 – 11th  May, 10 Mile TT, Naseby
  • Event 5 – 25th May, 10 Mile TT, Naseby
  • Event 6 – 8th June, 10 Mile TT, Kibworth
  • Event 7 – 22th June, 10 Mile TT, Kibworth
  • Event 8 – 29th June – 25 mile TT  Middleton (Interclub with Rockingham Forest Wheelers, HQ RFW Clubhouse)
  • Event 9 – 6 July, 10 Mile TT, Kibworth
  • Event 10 – 20 July, 10 Mile TT, Bruntingthorpe
  • Event 11 – 3rd August, 10 Mile TT, Bruntingthorpe
  • Event 12 – 17th August, 10 Mile TT, Bruntingthorpe
  • Event 13 – 31st August, 10 Mile TT, Bruntingthorpe
  • Event 14 – 5th September, 10 Mile TT, Kibworth
  • Event 15 – 19th September, 25 Mile TT, Husbands Bosworth
  • Event 16 – 3rd October  – The Hill Climb (Interclub with RFW and KCC), Medbourne
  • Event 17 – 17th October – 5 Mile Flying TT

Standings in the 2021  TT championship and league tables:

Standings for the 2021 Cox Automotive TT Leagues will be posted after the 4th event.

The Cox Automotive TT Leagues

The Cox Automotive Leagues offers the chance for all riders to compete with those of similar ability in a season long competition.  The league is based around the Club Championship and comprises  Premier, First, Second, Third and Fourth divisions.

All club members are allocated a division according to their best performance on a 25 mile time trial in the prior year, or if no time is available then a prior 10 mile time trial or failing that at the score keeper’s discretion. This means that the five divisions will each contain riders of broadly similar ability which should make for a fair competition. For more details of the system of points scoring see the ‘Championships’ section further down this page.

Based on the 2021 TT Championship, the riders in each of the five divisions score points in the same format (1st 60, 2nd 55 etc.) with the best six rounds to count.

Results from previous years

Photo by Charlie Plews
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