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Cox Automotive TT Leagues

After of Round 4 of the 2021 TT Championship the composition of the Cox Automotive TT Leagues has been finalised.

The Cox Automotive TT Leagues offers the chance for club members to compete with those of similar ability in a season-long competition. The League is based around the 2021 TT Championship  Series and comprises five divisions (see below)

Riders who have competed in this year’s 2021 TT Championship are allocated a division according to their performances in the first four Club TTs. This means that the five divisions will each contain riders of broadly similar ability which should make for a fair competition.

Check out the current standings:



Cox Automotive has the broadest, deepest, and most complete view of the used vehicle ecosystem. Cox Automotive connect the wholesale market at every stage of a vehicle’s life with physical and digital solutions, insights and expertise.  Their  vision is to transform the way the world buys, sells, owns and uses vehicles. They are doing this by making the traditional channels and methods for defleeting and remarketing vehicles more efficient and profitable, while simultaneously developing technologies and solutions that give our customers the ability to operate and compete in an increasingly digital world.

Cox Automotive is proud to be part of Cox Enterprises, a family run business with a 120-year history of innovation and embracing the next big thing.  The story of Cox Enterprises is one of consistent hard work, respect for employees and entrepreneurialism. It’s also about staying true to values that have endured for more than a century.

Cox Automotive brings together Cox Enterprises’ wide-ranging global automotive businesses to form our position as the world leader in automotive services.  At least one of Cox Automotive’s 25+ brands worldwide touches every aspect of car acquisition, retail, ownership, remarketing and use.


Premier First Second Third Fourth
Josh van Nierop

Timothy Smith

Gary Roberts

Michael Burke

Matt Plews

Dominic Switzer

Phil Rayner

James Garratt

Jonathan Durnin

Hans van Nierop

Nik Kershaw

Andy Poulton

Adam Robinson

Lawrence Cox

Simon Dixey

Adrian Killworth

Jason Williams

Graham Doe

Mark Pattrick

Gary Ashwell

Doug Tincello

Alex Smith

Julian Middleton

Mike Smith

William Cull

Nick Clarke

Linda Hubbard

Ian Waterfield

Alistair Watson

Roger Kockelbergh

Harrison Fay

Stuart Dawkins

Chris Dainty

Simon Ward

Ian Murdey

Steven Coulam

Huw Wilson

Sean Bown

Jamie Kershaw

Milly Pinnock

Stuart Haycox

David Bowrey

Jill Postlethwaite

David Wilson

Chris Lydall

Stewart Holland

Kevin Mills

David Reay

Ben Brant

Mark Chapman

Vic Barnett

John Welsford

Oliver McGinnes

William Perkins

Sophie Ward

Debbie Ward


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