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Nev Brooks Memorial Trophy

Nev Brooks was a long time Club Member who sadly passed away in January 2018.  Nev enjoyed all forms of cycling, including the Hunter and Timson Cup handicapped TT events. 

In his memory, The Nev Brooks Memorial Trophy is awarded on a handicapped basis to establish the most improved first claim rider across the Club’s 10 mile TTs . 

The Nev Brooks Memorial Trophy will capture overall improvement irrespective of age, gender or type of bike used across a rider’s best 7 events.

  • The ‘base time’ for a rider’s first event is 21 minutes, and then the rider’s handicap time is calculated based on the rider’s best time in the series to date. 
    • So, at the first race, if a rider achieves time of 27:30, their handicap will be 6:30.
    • If at the next race, the rider achieves 27:00, their handicap becomes 6 etc.
  • Points are awarded on the same basis as the rest of the Series (60, 55, 51, 48, 46, 44, 42, 40, then 39 through to 1). 
  • The best 7 results count, and rider with the most points at the end of the series will be awarded the Trophy.

You can view the current standings from the link below (courtesy of Mike ives): 

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