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Terrific Team Time Trialers 🚴🚴🚴🚴
Welland Valley bring home Gold! 🥇

Terrific Team Time Trialers 🚴🚴🚴🚴

Welland Valley bring home Gold! 🥇

Thanks to guest reporter Ian Waterfield; one of the club’s most experienced testers for today’s race report.

Three teams from Welland Valley CC took part in the Hitching Nomads CC 4up Masters Time Trial on Saturday 22nd May. Phil Rayner, Tim Smith, Simon Hopkins and Adam Robinson were the quick team; Matt Plews, Loz Cox, Nick Clarke and Simon Dixey made up the next team.  Not sure how I managed to get roped into this, but after a Saturday morning ride with Phil Rayner, I was in the team! I then had to sort out a race licence for the event and sign on.
It was a nice early start meeting Stuart Dawkins in the Yews pub car park, Great Glen at 6:30am. After getting his immaculately prepared(!) BMC race machine in the van, we were off.
It was cold and damp, not at all like late May should be. I was in a team with Stuart, Sean Bown and Doug Tincello. Stuart led us out, keeping an eye on his power meter so that we didn’t start out too hard. It was two laps of a flattish course on B roads. We had a good strong headwind on the longest stretch of the course. We all rode really well, no one missed a turn on the front and we all finished strong as a team. It was a really enjoyable event – thank you Phil!

Just a bit about me – I started racing when I was 40, joining Welland Valley CC through a good friend Chris Hyde. I soon got hooked on racing and moved from a road bike with tri bars to a Dolan TT bike. I gradually improved year on year to become reasonably competitive, spending many weekends away racing open events. My pbs are 21:58 for 10miles and 56:28 for 25 miles. I don’t think I’ll ever see those times again! I spent 5 years away from cycling after a hernia operation that didn’t go very well. It’s my second year back and loving it. There’s so many new faces at the club races which is great to see.
My big ambition is do to the Majorca 312 when we can get back there safely. It’s been on my bucket list for a long time. I love riding over there and go every year.

Only 12 secs. separating top 3 teams in the A/Bs

1. Welland Valley 1 – 58mins 56s
2. Verulam Really Moving – 58mins 58s
3. MKRC – 59mins 8s
4. Welland Valley – 1hr 2mins 49s
5. Pure Green Racing – 1hr 2mins 58s
6. CC Luton – 1hr 3m 30s
7. MI Racing – 1hr 3mins 44s hi
8. Welland Valley 2 – 1hr 6mins 20s
9. Ambion Racing – 1h 7m 34s

Thanks to Mike Webb photography and Lucy Smith for photos.

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