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CARD πŸ’³ – LIGHT 🚨 – RACE 🏎️

Sign on sheets below for the 1st Langton’s TT. Remember first rider off 18:31 at 30 sec intervals.

We have a bumper field of 50 riders which is excellent πŸ‘Œ, sign on opens 17:45. It is essential that you do not crowd the sign on table. It’s the first time we have used card payment, so please be patient. Bring a pen. Your number will be handed via a gloved hand. Bring pins. Sanitiser will be available too.

DO NOT arrive at the start line more than 3 mins before your time. LINE UP IN SINGLE FILE. SHOUT YOUR NUMBER!!

Have fun and race hard🏎️πŸ’ͺ


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