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Luke Jones took part in round two in the highly contested ‘Icebreaker’ at the Geraint Thomas National Velodrome this weekend.

It was a trip to the Geraint Thomas National Velodrome of Wales for Luke on Saturday, to take part in Round two of the highly contested Icebreaker.

He’d not taken part in one of these before and he knew it was going to be fast racing with some fantastic competition. Luke’s goal of the day was to reach a final and to try and end the day in the top 20 of the 46 riders.

The 40 lap Scratch Heat was up first and whilst he rode it well, he got himself blocked in with two laps to go, and even after challenging from the back and over the top of the riders, he missed out on the top 12 by two places.

The 40 lap points heat was up next and Luke finished 8th, which earned him a place in the final at the end of the day.

Next up the Elimination, usually a good one for Luke but not today, blocked in and out early.

Last but not least the 40 lap points final, and Luke decided to throw caution to the wind and empty the tank. He attacked, lapped the field and spurred on by the spectators won the first sprint and gained a few extra points for lapping the field. A crash, was to soon neutralise the race and when it got back underway Luke finished the points race with a fantastic 4th place and an amazing 12th place overall on the day.

Another new challenge for Luke completed, part of the learning journey.

Well done Luke, such a great achievement.


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