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Churchill. Curie. Armstrong (Neil). Burke

Churchill. Curie. Armstrong (the moon one, not the cheating one). They’ve all gone down in the pages of history; and now they’ve been joined by Welland Valley’s very own Michael Burke.

For it was he, who on Saturday, February 29, made the first ever contactless payment to enter a WVCC event (the next Hard Ride).

Yes, the club has roared into the 21st century and you can now pay to enter a TT (plus other entry-on-the-day events) and for your tea and cake using contactless payment.

HOWEVER, as the system beds in and the strength of the various phone / interweb signals is assessed, members are requested to bring some old-fashioned cash with them as a back up for the first few months.

The club’s new smart phone will also be used as the emergency phone at club events; with the number being given out to marshals on the day. The phone may not be used by members for any other communication. It is strictly for emergencies and incidents during events.

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