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Whizz Kids Saturday report

Hi Whizz Kids, here’s a quick report covering Saturday’s session held on a glorious autumn day and it was a rare chance to get the vintage Oakley sunglasses out. Our riders split into two groups to work on the skills with the older riders working with Simon on the bank on a three course combination choses to avoid damage following the recent wet weather, fortunately the courses held up well and the riders really got stuck in. The younger riders stayed on the tarmac and worked a course that progressed ands grew longer with different shills being added. Both groups ended their sessions with the usual circle of doom and a special callout to new Whizz Kid Arthur who really got stuck in and won his first CoD title.
Thanks today to the dream team of Simon, Ian, Jade and Kevin for guiding the riders through the afternoon and of course to the parents for your support and assistance. One final note was that today marked the formal handover to Simon who has now taken over the Youth Development Officer role and the seldom seen handover ceremony was witnessed by the parents and riders assembled. For those who missed this the full dialogue was as follows.
KN: “There you go Simon, it’s yours now”
SW: “Cheers Kev, let’s crack on

Next Session is on the 25th and currently planned for Welland Park, full details will come out in the week before.
See you next time.

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