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Harriet Evans takes the win today in the Coalville Wheelers Wonens 3/4CritRace

Harriet’s race report below.

“I entered the Coalville Wheelers Womens 3/4 Crit Race today as the only yellow jersey on the line. When I arrived I watched some of the juniors events to get an idea of the course which was a 1km loop track with a slight uphill towards the second turn and typically, this was into a headwind today!

There was a good group of 12 girls in the race, some of who I’d raced with before which was lovely to see some friendly faces!

As we sprinted off the line, on the first lap a group of 5 of us formed at the front where myself and another were taking it in turns on the front with the others reluctant to come through so I decided to sprint round the corner onto the tailwind straight to break the group up a bit but ended up working on my own quite early on in the race. After a couple of laps of this I decided it was wiser to sit up and let them catch me up so I could sit on a wheel and save my energy.

The rest of the race, a few of us took it in turns fighting to get off the front for the headwind end every lap until the last 3 laps I was able to sit on wheel 2 and then sprint to take the win!’

Well done Harriet, thanks for sending your race report to


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