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We received this lovely update from Ben Brant, and it really is worth a read. Thank you Ben for sharing.

I thought it would be good to update the Club with what I am doing in terms of my coaching /volunteering.

As I am sure people will be aware the 2022 Commonwealth Games are being held in Birmingham. As I will have next summer free after finishing my A Levels, I have the chance to be a part of these games.

So, back in the Summer I decided to apply for a volunteer role and see what happened. After a few months and not receiving a response I assumed that it was a ‘no’, however about a month ago I received an email inviting me to an interview. So on Friday after finishing school I headed up to the Library of Birmingham for my interview which also featured a look around the Birmingham 2022 exhibition. 

I felt like I performed very well at the interview and was told I came across as very confident and passionate (guess those school careers lectures paid off!). I was the youngest there and would be one of the youngest people volunteering, should I get a position, as the minimum age for being a volunteer is 18. I have already made it into the 25,000 called for an interview out of the 40,000 that applied and hopefully will be able to make it into the 13,000 needed for the Games. I will find out if I was successful in February next year.

It was a brilliant experience and I look forward to the Games and there is a real sense of excitement around them.

Ben Brant
Level 1 Coach 


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