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Misterton Marshals and Helpers

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to marshal on Sign Up Genius. The morning slot is from 9am and the afternoon slot from 12pm (not 12.30 as shown on SUG). We have 7 marshalling points at crossing points and course hazards and a car park marshal for the morning. We also need a signing on helper and manual lap scoring.

We would appreciate some help first thing setting up gazebos, etc and we will also need some help taking down the course afterwards so we ask that any members who are racing or spectating in the afternoon stay and help if they can.


We have put together a guide for marshals and helpers –

WVCC Mudlarks-TaxAssist Accountants – Leicestershire Cyclo-Cross League Rd 3 Brief for Marshals

Before the race:

Get to your position in good time

Watch out for riders warming up

Call riders warming up off the course if a race has started

Be aware of race timings:

09.00 Course opens for practice

09.45 Race 1 – Under 9 race on short course (10 mins duration)

10.30 Race 2 – Under 12 race on short course (15 mins duration)

10.50 (approx.) Full course opens for practice

11.30 Race 3 to 7 – Youth/ Novice (30 mins duration)

12.10 (approx.) Full course opens for practice

12.35 Races 8 and 9 – Vet 50 +/Women (40 mins duration)

1.30 (approx.) Full course opens for practice

14.00 Race 10 and 11 Junior/ senior/ Vet Male 40 – 49 (50 mins duration)

15.00 (approx.) All finished

You will receive a voucher for a hot drink from the coffee wagon. If you are staying all day, you will get 2 plus a voucher for lunch.

During the race:

If you have a race radio listen for instructions – you will be told that races have commenced/ finished. The radio will be set to the correct channel. Only press the call button when you wish to speak. Only refer to riders by their number. Beware that you are on air and that you also maybe overheard.

Make sure that spectators are not on the course at any time.

You will be given 2 flags:

Red flag – tells riders that the race has been stopped. Riders must stop and await instructions

Yellow flag – warns riders of a hazard – riders to reduce speed and proceed with caution

If a rider crashes in your area, wait a few moments. Usually they will be OK and move out of the way.

If the rider does not move or appears to be hurt, and is not in a dangerous position, wave your yellow flag to make riders aware.

If the rider is in a dangerous position wave your red flag to stop riders.

Use your radio to make Commissars aware.  If you do not have a radio, ask a rider to make the next marshal aware.

Course repairs – if tape is broken or posts knocked over in your area, please attempt to repair them.

If you are marshalling a crossing point, watch out for riders on the course at all times – they may be warming up between races.

Finally, you can cheer on the riders – particularly WVCC riders!

After the last race

We aim to have the course completely packed away and tidy on Sunday evening. The organisers would really appreciate your help in clearing the course at the end of the last race. Please follow these instructions:

Remove tape from stakes. Roll up into a ‘football’. This makes the tape much easier to re-use. Sort stakes into colours and stack with spikes in the same direction. Keep white stakes on start/ finish field separate – they are owned by LCXL and need to be returned. Bring back to start/finish field or stack near your marshal station. Stack any railings neatly to await pick up. Please pickup any litter.

Thank you

The organisers really appreciate your support, we cannot put these events on without you.




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