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Ride hard and turn left… Club taster session at Derby Velodrome

Sunday 10th October 11


22 club members and affiliates gathered at Derby Arena yesterday for a track tester session.

Read all about it from Doug Tincello below.

I have been riding on the boards for three years now, when I decided it would be a fun way to keep fit during the winter months. I think it’s possibly the most fun you can have on a bike! I love the simplicity (and terror!) involved in riding as fast as possible on just a frame and a pair of wheels with no brakes, gears or freewheel to distract you!


So I had arranged this session to introduce my club mates to the joys of fixed wheel riding, and there was a lot of interest, perhaps generated after the success of the GB track team at the Olympics. So, 16 track virgins and 6 of us who had some experience gathered under the watchful eyes of Simon Reavill and Anne Staley. There were several anxious faces as people surveyed the banking. The session alternated between the novices and the other 6 riders being on the track, with recovery and tuition for the other group.


It was lovely to see the smiles on the beginners faces getting wider and wider as the afternoon wore on, and I could see riders visibly relax on the bikes as confidence and speed grew. For me, it was an opportunity to reactivate my accreditation and test my healing arm after my recent accident. I’m pleased to report both objectives were achieved, so I’m all set for a winter of fast fun!!


I asked the group for some comments, which I share below:


“Loved it!”


“I was genuinely not sure that I would manage it but I really enjoyed myself thoroughly. Loved hurtling round the corners and swooping down from the top of the track. Built my confidence a lot”


“Great fun, amazing how much confidence builds through the session”


“Great fun, I think we all learned so much today. Great session and great coach”


“The banking looked pretty daunting when we walked in but by the end, once I loosened my vice-like grip on the bars, I enjoyed it all except starting and stopping. Those bits aren’t too essential, right?”


“Learning how to cycle on a track, keeping speed up on the banking, checking for other overtaking riders and then having a massive dose of adrenaline thrown in! Great, loved it”


“it was definitely an experience which took me out of my comfort zone and was all the more enjoyable for it.  The weirdest thing was riding next to somebody whose pedals were the same height as my head”


If anyone feels inspired to try the track, Derby Arena run regular taster sessions and have a formal accreditation programme if you want to ride in their structured session or indeed race. Details are all on their website:


Or you can message me ( and see if you can persuade me to try and arrange another herding cat session! 🙂



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