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Today’s ‘Guest Report’ comes from the newly crowned WVCC hill climb champion; junior rider Cameron Potter. Well done & Thanks Cam!

“If you had told me this time last year that I would be at a cycling club and wearing Lycra optionally for several hours a week I would’ve laughed at you, but since May that has became the norm.
Having been quite nervous about what to expect from joining the club, it is now a decision I’m so glad I made, I felt very welcomed and now despite still being relatively new feel like I have been at the club for years.
Previous to this i had only rode by myself along the same roads just to keep my fitness up for football but now I am pleased to say I have raced in races and TTS and took part in many chaingangs and group rides and all round really felt my cycling skills and knowledge develop.
A 6th place finish at Bruntingthorpe at the last citucit race really highlighted to me the progress I was making and how much more confident I was at even the basics like holding wheels and taking turns at the front, pair this with posting a Pb at the Kibworth TT course last time out too made me see giant steps in progress between June and September.
A big thanks goes out to everyone who has helped me along the way, special mention to the Yews Crew for all the support they have shown since I joined the club. I hope to continue racing and reach a level of cycling that challenges me and keeps pushing me forward and am looking forward to entering my first road races next year and will be proud to represent Welland Valley whilst doing so.
Enough of my backstory and onto the main event itself, the much anticipated hill climb. The event in the TT calender which I soon realised not many of the guys I have ridden with this year would enter, and having taken part I now understand why!! Having raced up church Langton Hill after chaingangs on several occasions, this was the event I was most looking forward to. I’d always enjoyed the challenge of climbing but to race up a climb would mean digging deep and treating it like a strava KOM attempt!
What we were faced with was 2 short but challenging climbs up Neville Holt, both of which would test abilities to pace climbs as well as show who could unlock their max power at the right times. You simply couldn’t take any of it easy otherwise you would lose so much precious time.
It was a grey cold morning that turned into sunshine by the time the racing had begun. The atmosphere created by a fantastic group of supporters on both made for a great mornings racing.
I started the first climb which seemed twice as steep as I remember having only done both climbs once before. I knew I had to just grit my teeth and push the pedals and grind each pedal stroke to the top. The field of riders all powered up the first climb including a tandem entry!! Having never done a hill climb before knowing if I had done well at the top of the climb was difficult to know.
The second climb was equally as difficult as the pain from the first climb lingered in the legs before the start. However once the time ran down and i was counted down the focus turned to getting up the 2nd climb, the better road surface made this climb not seem so bad.
It was a fantastic morning of hill climb racing and every rider involved did a terrific job of entertaining the onlooking spectators.
To my surprise I was very proud to see my name at the top of the clubs timing sheets, my first hill climb too! A big thanks to all the marshals, time keepers and anyone who came to support and add to the overall brilliant morning!”

1) WVCC- 164pts
2) KCC- 36pts
3) RFW- 10pts

1) Cameron Potter  04:34

1) Josh Brown KCC 04:23
2) Cameron Potter WVCC 04:34
3) Jonathan Allen U of Bham 04:38

1) Eleanor Humphries 05:51 (Placing in the top 20 and scoring hard earned points for WVCC )

Thanks to all the riders who turned out to make this inaugural Inter-Club a memorable event in this iconic discipline. There was great support on both climbs too!

Immense gratitude goes to those who made this event happen.

Time Keepers: George B & Peter R (Pauline & Andrew W assisting)
Pusher off X 90times including a tandem!: Dave Reay
Results guy: Mike Ives
And of course our fantastic caterers: Claire Waterfield & Lucy Smith☕

It’s the flying 5 in two weeks 17/10 10am


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