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Thanks to this week’s Guest reporter Eleanor Humphries who along with partner Chris are new to Welland Valley CC this season (picture from Bruntingthorpe).

“Having been conveniently ‘otherwise engaged’ whenever a 25 mile TT has cropped up on the agenda in the past, I wasn’t sure what to expect having heard mixed emotions, it all sounded a little like marmite. However, with a tight women’s road bike league at the club, I was all about the points over pain!

It’s a rolling course that seemed to flow quite nicely up until I lost momentum on the hills back into Sibbertoft and had to grit my teeth into the head wind up the gliders straight (I don’t think the wind blows any other way). Words of encouragement from Matt and Tim helped me get to the finish line slightly damp, wind beaten and absolutely spent!

Having said that, I really enjoyed Sunday…especially the bacon batch and bottomless tea at the end whilst we all sat and shared our experiences, at which point it was all smiles instead of the grimace shown when riding up the gliders straight.

Chris and I only joined the club in summer and have thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck in with all of the events. Being a Critical Care Nurse, It’s been a tough year, by competing in the TT’s and Bruntingthorpe races I have found that they have helped me to relax and unwind allowing me to think of nothing other than racing (although this isn’t everyone’s idea of relaxing).

So, in all I won’t be so shy about signing up for the next 25 mile TT. Thank you to all of those involved in organising the events”.

ARMSTRONG CUP (Fastest rider on a scratch basis)

1) Tim Smith 01:00:11
2) Graham Doe 01:04:22
2) Chris Orfeur 01:04:22

TIMSON CUP (Fastest rider on a handicap basis)

1) Victor Barnett 01:00:55


1) Linda Hubbard 01:08:00


1) Chris Orfeur 01:04:22


1) Ben Brant 01:19:01

Thanks as always to our marshals and officials (some of whom even stayed dry) also to our caterers!

Our thoughts now turn to the highly traditional autumn cycling discipline of the ‘Hill Climb!’ Sunday 03/10 10am 2x ascents of Nevill Holt. Sign on opens Sunday. For the first time this is a 3 way Inter-Club competition against RFW & KCC. ‘Your club needs you!’


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