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Roadrunner XXXV Report

Just a quick report today on last nights Roadrunner XXXV races at Bruntingthorpe. With a number of riders away we had a limited field on a cool, windy evening so started out with a single 3 lap prologue that sorted the pairings for the Roadrunner drag race ladder that took the majority of the evening to finish. Riders were paired up based on the prologue finishing positions and it’s a straight drag race up to the finishing cat. The winner then drops 3m to the next marker back, and we had 10 starting places which were all used. Everyone got at least one win over the eight rounds of close competition.
To finish off the evening we had a one lap Keirin controlled by our Derney extraordinaire “Legs” Louie on his balance bike.
Our riders seemed to enjoy themselves with a number running their own self organised time trial after formal proceedings had ended.
We’re back next week for Roadrunner XXXVI, same time, same place which if nothing else is starting to test my knowledge of roman numerals.
See you soon!


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