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A few reminders for everyone racing at Bruntingthorpe tomorrow evening (Tuesday).

  • The gates open at 6pm (pls don’t be early).
  • An official photographer will be on the circuit, so no other photos please.
  • Please remember it is a closed site, so entrants, event officials and accompanying adults only. 

There are almost 70 registered riders, so please make every effort to sign on before 6.40pm so we can start on time.

To help identify the teams (and to help you identify your teammates) all riders will wear a coloured band across their chest and will wear a sticker on their helmet (which denotes race 1, 2 or 3). The days of the fancy ribbons pinned to the back of the jersey are over.

There is a COMPULSORY race briefing on the start line at 6.50pm.

This will be followed by an orientation lap.

Racing will start at 7pm; with the three races going off in waves.

Each team will have a road captain and it is their job – in consultation with the team – to work out some tactics.

There will be three sprint laps called at the discretion of the commissaire. There will be points for the first and second across the line. If you win or come second in a sprint, you may not contest or score on any further sprint laps.  You can, of course, contest overall victory in your race.

The races will vary in length (to help the marshals on the finish line): Race 3 – 50 minutes +1 lap, Race 2 – 55 minutes +1lap, Race 1 60 minutes +1 lap.

Every rider in every race will score points depending on their finishing position. So even if you’re right at the back with someone from another team, it’s still worth going for the sprint at the end. It could mean the difference between glory and tears at bedtime


Finally. Safety is paramount. No sudden deviations off line; no cutting corners if people are inside you, and no going for gaps that don’t exist.


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