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Bruntingthorpe 10 Start Sheets. 19:00 20/07 1 minute intervals. sign on from 18:10.

There will be two Iines at sign on;
LINE ONE numbers 1-22 (generally but not exclusively to those who need to pay (by card) and/or show their TLI licence)
LINE TWO numbers 23-60 (generally those who just need to sign on and and collect their number) please check your Road bike designation ‘R’ is correct.

3.1 Laps of the circuit; START on the outside of the track, FINISH on the inside. All movements on the track must be in a clockwise direction. Give way to racing riders when warming up/down. An official photographer will be on the circuit, so no other photos please.

We will keep a watchful eye on the weather due to an chance of thunderstorms.

Have fun & race hard 🏎️💪


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