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Bruntingthorpe #1: The results are in

The results are in – as they say on Strictly. And after hours of slaving over a hot computer programme, the winners from Tuesday’s Team Race Night at Bruntingthorpe can finally be revealed.

But just before putting you all out of your misery, a big thank you once again to our partners Cox Automotive for allowing us to use the track; and to all the volunteers for making the event possible.

The A race saw victory for the Hans van Nierop team (Hans, Dom Switzer, Ed Grandidge, Matt Plews, James Moore, Cameron Potter, Austin Smith and David Styring) over Phil Rayner’s team by 240pts to 228pts.

Ed Grandidge powered his way to individual victory – taking the chequered flag ahead of a battling Josh van Nierop after the two broke away from the pack at the start of the raceIndividual sprint lap winners were Ed Grandidge, Josh van Nierop and Chris Orfeur.Hampering the Rayner team’s efforts was a puncture for the team leader.

The B race was won by Team Durnin (Jon Durnin, Mark Chapman, Roger Kocklebergh, Chris Dainty, Sarah Mee and Ian Murdey) on 171pts; followed by Team Clarke 154pts, Team Dawkins 149pts and Team Waterfield 126pts.

Race winner was Jon Durnin and sprint lap winners were Eleanor Humphries, Jon Durnin and Rhys Thomas.

Team Durnin – as a rival captain pointed out – was clearly helped by having four hefty riders in its ranks to tackle the headwind on the back straight. Team Waterfield was hampered by a puncture which took out Dave Wilson; whose son Huw deserves a special mention for a gutsy / suicidal attack with two laps to go.

In the C race, victory went to Charlie Simpson’s team (Charlie, Steve Kettlewell and Ruby Isaac) by 140pts to 103pts over John Welsford’s band of brothers.Steve Kettlewell took the individual honours; with sprint laps won by Steve, Charlie Simpson and Dennis Smith.

An honourable mention goes to Ray Taylor, who won a sprint lap that no-one else contested – because it wasn’t actually a sprint lap.

Thanks again to all the volunteers and, especially, race commissaire Andrew Weatherby.

For those of you interested in the scoring system; it’s 50pts for a race victory, followed by 45, 40, 35, 30, 28, 27, 26 etc. There are an additional five points for sprint lap winners.

See you all a week on Tuesday.

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