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Kibworth 10 Mile TT: Check out the Wilf Report

Jason ‘Wilf’ Williams reports on his journey to a sub 22 PB on a great night at Kibworth, for Round 6 of the 2021 TT Championship at Kibworth. My 10mTT pb of 22:26 was set on the Kibworth course back in (if my memory is correct) 2019 and it was on my road bike. At the time I knew it was a fairly quick time and I proved it by failing to get close to it on numerous occasions both at Bruntingthorpe airfield and again at Kibworth.. Even after fitting clip-on tri bars and deep section wheels I thrashed it round Mallory to finish in 22:38ish.. Wondering if I was ever going to improve on the 2019 time I tried again on a fairly calm, summer evening at Mallory last Thursday.. Arriving just in time for my start slot and not having any warm up I hit the tarmac as hard as I could for 10 laps and could sense things were going well. The results came in and I had finally beaten it with a 22:12… The relief was huge! Rolling over to Kibworth this evening, I felt a bit heavy and stiff in the legs with aching knees (at 46 I’m very familiar with the knees and their complaints) but at the same time I was hopeful of my  current good form.. Hitting the A6 at full throttle, my racing brain took over and everything went tunnel vision, breathing hard but controlled, feeling the gears to match the power output with the cadence.. This feels fast I thought.. I’m going well here.. Don’t fade, don’t let your thoughts wander from the task.. Slightly panicking when a lorry waited at the McDonald’s roundabout.. I hesitated, timing my approach with caution but managing to safely swing past and pushed hard with everything I had left to cross the finish line, completely unable to speak, let alone shout my number (apologies for that).. Hitting the stop button on my watch.. Bang!! 21:37… Sounds silly but I couldn’t believe what had just happened and my emotions took over to produce tears of utter joy and relief! Silly old sod, I went sub 22mins..I’m retiring now 😂😂👍 Well done Wilf for a cracking ride, and thank you for a great report.


Phil Rayner 21:24

Jason Williams 21:37

Hans Van Nierop 21:50

FEMALE Linda Hubbard 25:06

ROAD BIKE James Garrett 24:00

JUNIOR Dom Switzer 22:43 Fastest rider on the night was Carl Dyson, Leicester Forest CC 21:08 All the results can be found here:, with thanks to Mike Ives.

As always thanks to our marshals, officials and other helpers.  

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