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Blisteringly fast conditions greeted the 74 riders at yesterday’s open 10 on the Naseby course. Top dog (well Fox) was George Fox, of George Fox cycling solutions, who smashed the course record with a staggering 20:53! Many riders enjoyed a course PB as the sun shone and the wind assisted them along the ‘Glider Mile’ from Sibbertoft.

Our guest reporter(s) this week are 12 year old Jamie Kershaw who set off No1 and his dad Nik, rider 74.
“The club organised the first open round of the N&DCA time trial series for 2021 and this was going to be my first open 10 with me going off at number 1. This was my first chance to see how my training was going as this year I am being coached by Bryan Steel with the support from the club’s Youth Development program. Having a training program to follow and getting the support from my Mum and Dad has really helped me and I can feel that I have improved already this year. I started taking part in Whizz kids events 9 years ago when I was 3 1/2 so today was a good way to start my next stage of my cycling and to see how far I can go in the future and what I can achieve. Also with what I am doing this year it has made my Dad train a bit harder and to shed some weight  so that he can keep in front of me so he says. Anyway back to the 10 mile TT, I managed a 29:15 which I am really happy with and my Dad started off last at number 74 and he did a 23:55 which I know he is really happy with too. 

So I just wanted to say here’s to a good year for everyone and thank you to Tim and Lucy for organising a great event”. 

Jamie Kershaw and Nik Kershaw

1)Lindsay Clarke 26.3. 2) Linda Hubbard 27.04. 3) Sarah Ashcroft 27.11

1) George Fox 20:53
2) David Mead 21:26
3) Paul Pardoe 21:33

1) Dominic Switzer 24:10

1) Gary Roberts 22:49
2) Phil Rayner 23:13
3) Michael Burke 23:38

1) Linda Hubbard 27:04

1) Simon Dixey 24:58

Dominic Switzer 24:10

Once again thanks goes to our marshals, helpers, timekeepers and course setters, the numerous messages of thanks and appreciation from many competitors are most definitely deserved.


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