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Whizz Kids Homecoming

It was a Whizz Kids homecoming as we reassembled for the first session of the year at Welland Park, our traditional base. The event was billed as the skills time trial but in the end we didn’t use the watches and clocks and just enjoyed the variety of sections and polished skills in the sunshine. The course was a combination of the old skills circle that we’ve used for many years and this linked into a cross country section to the top of the park and back. The XC section incorporated version 2.0 of the log rolls, a couple of slalom sections, the labyrinth, the figure of 8, the blue ride the line boards and the new favourite, the ramp.
All riders practiced the skills beforehand and everyone had a chance to ride the full course.
Thanks today to new faces CX coach Kevin_M and senior coach Kath who were introduced to their first Whizz Kids coaching by Ian and Jade. Thanks too go to the parents who assisted the riders and provided encouragement as well as the driving, transport, logistics etc…. All riders worked hard today and those who went to the café afterwards for ice cream – you deserved it.
I’ll drop out a message next week about our next session on May 8th, keep a check on the emails and Facebook posts.
See you soon
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