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Whizz Kids Sunday 13th December

Good Afternoon Whizz Kids and parents,  I hope you’re on the way to being dry and warm again after the session this morning which to be fair started out just about acceptable and ended up a bit miserable. I knew we had reached a tipping point at the start of the third younger rider race when coach Simon had a word to say most riders were already back in their car and were heading home.
Anyway, before that we had an hour or so on the Go Kart track and after a hazard inspection we had a couple or three short races with Simon keeping the riders from getting cold during their intermission. We were mindful of the conditions and apart from one spill after the finish line everyone showed great skill and stayed upright during the races.
Thanks today to Simon for motivating everyone, to the parents supporting the riders and to Matt, Peter and all of the Bruntingthorpe team for the use of then track today.
That’s it for 2020, there isn’t a session on Boxing day so we’ll meet up again in January 2021, details to follow nearer the time. Have a great Christmas and we’ll see you soon.
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