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LCXL 2020/21 Season Cancelled

We are extremely sad to report that the LCXL 2020/21 season will not now be going ahead. The county wide tiers and the challenge of being placed in tier 3, have made it impossible. WVCC would like to thank everyone for their efforts in trying to organise events – both in WVCC and in the LCXL family of clubs. This wasn’t for the want of trying!


Posted by the Leicestershire Cyclocross League today:

Dear Leicester league riders, supporters and followers,
It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that we have decided to not pursue the 2020/21 season. The new Tier system has posed many concerns and issues meaning that the races are not viable to continue.
I’m sure you will agree that it is not right to ask the organisers to be held responsible for people travelling from, or into a Tier 3 area, and with the event costs compared to the number of eligible riders means that the events will make a substantiable loss, which is not acceptable for the clubs and league to bear. Due to this situation 3 of the organisers have already informed the league of their intention to cancel their events for 2020/21 season.
We appreciate that many of you have shown a commitment to the league and thank you for this support, and to this end we wish to propose the following for league subscription:
Option 1 – The league accepts your membership application and rolls it over to the next season. This will involve the full subscription fee being taken now but would guard you against any increase in membership fees next season.
Option 2 – Your membership application is cancelled, and no money is taken. As per the T&C document the £1 handling charge that has already been taken by the BC is non-refundable, this is outside the Leagues control.
Please indicate by email to which option you prefer. A time limit for reply is by the 8th January 2021 and the process to be complete by 29th January 2021.
The league would like to express their gratitude to all the clubs and organisers involved in trying to get the racing in Leicestershire underway.
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happier 2021. See you all next season!
Kind Regards

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