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Highlights from tonight’s AGM

For the first time in its long history, the club held a virtual AGM – thanks to a combination of Covid and Zoom.

Club chairman, Jon Durnin, welcomed the online attendees and gave a run-down on the year’s activities.

He noted the passing of senior club member, Eric Cousins (92), who attended a staggering 67 AGMs.

Jon also thanked the club sponsors, committee members. volunteers and helpers for all their work in responding so positively to the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

For WVCC President, Dave Birch, it was his last official engagement ‘in post’ and he praised the club for its willingness to change and adapt.

Dave is succeeded as President by one of the following: Donald Trump / Joe Biden / George Barnett.

Officers’ reports were noted and Treasurer, John Welsford, said the club remained in a good shape, financially.

It was agreed membership fees would not increase for 2021 (NB all 2020 memberships are carried through to the end of next year).

The club currently has 239 members – down from 262 in Covid-free 2019, although members were pleased to see new members joining even during Covid, often drawn in by the Club Runs.

However, TT fees will go up to £6 to reflect another £1 increase in the CTT levy.

The AGM concluded after a record-breaking 45 minutes.


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