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Youth development- update by Harry Khalid.

Below is a lovely piece written by Harry Khalid, aged 15, who is part of the Youth Development Programme.

Over the lockdown period, I have been riding more than I may have done if I were at school. I have been out on my bicycle – virtually or in person – almost every day. Some of these rides have been a little slower, for example when I go out with my younger brother. However, the majority have been either fast-paced, or endurance-based rides.

Some of these have been set by Bryan, my coach, and others are with my father on the road. Bryan tends to set me between four and six rides per week and I like to do as many possible outside. I usually take a day or so each week as a rest day.

I aim to keep this up throughout the lockdown so that I am ready for when the racing resumes. So far, however, I have not taken part in any virtual events, and it is not really something I am particularly interested in, as I am a real cyclist and not a virtual one.”

Keep up the hard work Harry!

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