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Pothole Top Trumps!

Not that I’ve got too much time on my hands (writes club member Chris Dainty; but I thought a game of Pothole Top Trumps might help pass the hours and days.
So I’ll kick off with this bad boy spotted on the road from Welford to South Kilworth (about 400m from the bottom of the hill).
Theories on its origin are the subject of some debate, but have been narrowed down to the following:
1. Someone on social media has posted that there’s a shortage of tarmac in Sainsbury’s.
2. It’s the exact spot where Tim Smith put the power down on a recent training ride.
3. It was a tiny pothole 12 months ago, but the council couldn’t be ar*ed to fix it, and now it’s five times the size.
Anyway, if you think your favourite pothole is bigger or deeper than this one; then please post a snap-
Safe riding.


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