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Poetry in motion as Whizz Kids ride again

Good Afternoon, It shouldn’t have rained this afternoon, the weather news said it should be dry, unfortunately we weren’t completely moisture free for today’s Whizz Kids session but the session ran anyway and 16 young riders signed on under the spanking new gazebo complete with Whizz Kids Logo.
With the grass still too sticky we were again on the paths and the session today was a skills and we focused on riding the line boards but with added turns. We also looked at freewheeling and stopping is a diminishing stop box, all skills that might be useful for the next session in a couple of weeks.
Thanks today in no particular order to Simon, Ben, Jade and Ian. We’ll keep running Whizz Kids until I’m told to stop and we’ll reconvene for the next round of the Whizz Kids racing league (supported by Alden Electrical) in a fortnight. Stay safe and we’ll see you then.

P.s. If anyone has a photo of the new gazebo can you share please, none of the committee remembered to bring a camera!


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