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You See Eye Whizz Kids Championships

The most important cycling event of the day was held in Market Harborough for Round 7 of the 2019 Whizz Kids Racing league (supported by Alden Electrical), the autumn skills time trial. After a few recent damp days the session stayed 98% dry with a keen breeze and temperatures of peaking at 69.5°C if you believe my erratic car thermometer, just right for a series of attempts on the skills course. As with previous events riders dropped down the start ramp and into a series of skills zones starting with a slalom then onto Ride the plank, the sawtooth zig zag, onto the single track under the trees and over the bumps before turning and heading home across a chicane, followed by logroll 1 and 2 before the figure of eight and a sharp climb up to the finish.
During the session there was plenty of time to get multiple runs and a few riders managed to get into double figures, time will tell which was your quickest run as results and times will follow later.
There are a few well deserved thank you’s, To Ian, Simon, Jade, Ben and Mia for your help in running the session and to the parents for your support and encouragement throughout.
If you’re heading to the other event in Yorkshire tomorrow don’t forget to show off your Whizz Kids jersey to the World’s best.


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