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News from “Not the 3 Peaks”

The mainly flat roads of Cambridgeshire saw the last Road Race in the LVRC Percy Stallard Road Race series 2019 and the last time the primrose clad trio of Martin Webster, Phil Rayner and Bunny would go forth around the country trying to make their mark before Bunny hangs up his wheels.
In the C/D race over 59miles Phil (C cat) got into a break of 6 on the first of 6 laps, with all of them taking turns at the front the pace was around 26 mph . Meanwhile Martin (D cat) was slowed by a crash in the bunch and obviously not wishing to chase down his teammate he bided his time until the last two of the 6 laps when he became more active and went away on his own, to be joined later by two others.
Phil was having to battle with Roy Chamberlain and Richard Moore who were leading him in the Series points, Roy attacked numerous times always countered by Phil until cramp struck havoc in his ample leg muscles in the hot conditions and he had to freewheel and let the other two go, he did however refuse to allow his other breakaway companions to best him and unleashed his mighty sprint to take third place in his age group and third in the race and consolidated his bronze medal position in the overall series.
With Phil safely in the distance Martin followed suit in the slightly uphill sprint to take the sprint for third in his age group. Unfortunately Martin had not been able to contest enough of the counting rounds to take a prize in the Series results.
In the much older Category F ( Finesse, Fun, Frolics) Bunny only had to race over 50miles but the pace was still rapid and unrelenting. Richard Mc Kellar who has been his nemesis had broken away twice, once on his own and once with a few others. With the bunch working well together these breaks were nullified and Bunny tried to get away with Alan Vallance from Coalville CC but this was short lived. Cramp also began to affect Bunny and he reluctantly had to decide not to try and chase Mc Kellar when he and two younger riders escaped on a short hill on the last lap, he felt his best chance of success was to allow the break to pull back the break saving his legs for a sprint finish which has been a relative strength of his this season. Unfortunately the three were not caught but just like Phil and Martin in the other race Bunny won the bunch sprint to take 4th in the race, 2nd in his age group and silver in the Series, beaten by one point by Richard McKellar. 
At the prize presentation Bunny announced his retirement from racing but nobody seemed to mind! ( National and World Track Champs still to come)


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