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CX Round Up

Leicester Cyclocross League – Round 1

The Leicester league kicked off with the first hosted by Rockingham Forest CC at West Glebe Park in Corby. The riders were met with typical early season conditions with the sun shining and the ground dry and hard. The course was a mixture of parkland and woods, with some steep climb and descents and promised a fast and furious race – a proper early season test.

The Welland Valley results are as follows:

U9s: Jacob Smith 1st

U12s: Jamie Kershaw 7th boy, Dan Holton 11th boy, Flori Switzer 9th girl

U14s: Mia Hopkins 4th girl, Hannah Henderson 5th girl, Brooke Traynor 6th girl, Luke Jones 1st boy

U16s: Jess Ayears 7th girl, Dom Switzer 4th boy, Jim Vernon 7th boy, Kian Traynor 8th boyHuw Wilson 9th boy, Dan Henderson 16th boy

Vet40 women:  Nicola Traynor 6th, Amanda Mcpherson 9th

Vet50 women: Sarah Vigrow 3rd

Junior Men: Louis Jakobson 12th, William Perkins 16th, Ben Brant 19th

U23 men: Josh Van Nierop 4th

Senior men: Michael Burke 7th, Mark Fiddy 13th, Jake Hubbard 18th

Vet40 men: Hans Van Nierop 10th, Nick Horder 11th, Simon Dixey 17th, David Wilson 22nd

Vet45 men: Nik Kershaw 12th, Hamish Low 14th  

Vet50 men:  Jake Jacobson 6th, Adrian Killworth 23rd, Andrew Ayears 27th

Vet55 men:  Marc Henderson 7th

Vet70 men: Vic Barnett 1st

Race Reports

Please can you send your race reports to Adrian Killworth – via text, messenger or email – It would be good to have a bit more detail behind the results and some photos if possible. I don’t normally report DNFs, but if you’ve got a heroic story to tell, that would also be good to hear.

If you are not racing in the LCXL and I can’t find you, you will not be in the report. It would be good that if a group of WVCC members were travelling to an event if you could agree for one of you to submit the report.

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