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Great Bowden Family Ride

The fairly indifferent morning with a fair amount of rubbish weather may have put off a few riders but the last Whizz Kids family ride set off from Great Bowden just after 2:00pm for a steady 18.5km ride on a blustery and sunny late winter afternoon. With the wind behind us the outbound run to Welham and Weston was easy and the riders set a steady pace for the first few km’s. Turning at Weston we headed up towards Slawston taking in the field road to the other side of the village to get just enough dirt on our bikes to justify a clean later. Turning towards Slawston village we also turned into the breeze that remained in our faces all the way back. It also meant that it wasn’t the day for a record freewheel distance on the Slawston ski jump and the slight cross wind was starting to cause handling issues at speed. Riding back to Welham and Great Bowden we concluded the ride. Thanks today to Ian and Jade for keeping the riders together and making sure we got back into the village in a single group. To paraphrase a famous quote from a conflict a few years ago. “I’m not allowed to say how many were involved, but I counted them out and I counted them all back in again” See you next time!


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