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Central Cyclo-cross League – Round 14 –
SUNDAY 20th January 201948366925_10156218694472909_3244856768609648640_o

Promoted by WELLAND VALLEY CC, Muddy Marvels & Friends.

Mrs Craven and Welland Valley Cycling Club are looking forward to welcoming all Central Cyclo-cross League members and ‘crossers’ from other regions to Misterton Hall on Sunday 20th January.
The venue of Misterton Hall, Lutterworth, A4034, M1 Junction 20, is a popular cross circuit.
The course consists of an excellent mix of fast woodland, gravel paths, grassland and tarmac.

Car parking.
On approach to Misterton Hall please follow the signs, you will be directed into the estate off the A4034 via Chapel Lane, Misterton.
A £1:00p donation per car will be requested, this money goes directly to Misterton Hall Trust.
Please ensure you take any litter home with you.

Head Quarters.
The HQ, First Aid and Signing On will be in the RUTLAND ROOM, this building is adjacent to the course.

Sign On
Sign on for each event close 30 mins before published start time.

How much does it cost?
Race Entry Fees
Entry fees are shown for online entry (OLE) and for entry on the day. All online entries are subject to a £1 booking fee per race. Online entry closes for all events at midnight on the Tuesday prior to each event.
You do not need a British Cycling Race Licence to compete in the Central CXL
However, If you are not a member of British Cycling, you will have to pay an additional day license fee – applies whether you have entered online or on the day of £3. This does not apply to U10 and U12 riders
JOIN BC FOR FREE – if not been a member previously, you qualify for free BC Bronze membership when registering for the Central CXL. follow the link FREE BRONZE

U10 £2.50 online £5 on the day
U12 £2.50 online £5 on the day
Youth £6 online or £10 on day
Novice £10 online or £15 on day
Junior £10 online or £15 on the day (boys and girls)
Vets/Senior £15 online or £20 on the day
We recognize that non-affiliated riders or riders from other leagues will want to ride Central on an occasional basis and so online entry will be available at a premium
Adult £17.50
Novice £10
Junior £12.50
Youth £7.50
U12 and younger £4
All riders will be required to buy a chip on the day for £5. This chip can be swapped for a new one free of charge at any future race in 2018 season or you will need to pay £5 at your next race.
Mountain bikes allowed MTB bikes may be ridden in League events


Race Day Timetable
9:00 Course open for training
9:30 U10’s duration 10 mins
9:32 – U8’s Duration 10 mins
9:50 – U12’s Duration 15 mins
10:15 – Youth Duration 30 mins –
A window of about 30 mins for sighting/training
11:15 – Vet 40+ Duration 40 mins
A window of about 10 mins for sighting/training
12:15 – Vet 50+ Duration 40 mins
A window of about 30 mins for sighting/training
13:30 Junior Men and All Women Duration 40 mins
A window of about 10 mins for sighting/training
14:30 – Seniors Duration 60 mins
Race day timetable will be subject to weather and local conditions and the commissaries will have the final say.

Chip timing.
Yes – all races from U8- V50 will be chip timed for the 2018 season with results available on a screen at the event and live updated online and on mobile devices whether at teh event or watching from abroad!
All riders will buy a chip at their first race for £5. This chip can be retained to swap for a new one at any subsequent race. All races use new chips as they are coded against race numbers for pre entered and entries on the day. Riders either swap their chip from a previous race for their new one or pay £5.
Each event has a fresh batch of activated chips associated with the allocated race numbers.
Registered riders will collect their new number and chip at registration at every race they enter. The chip and race number will be provided in exchange for the chip from the previous event. If they forget their chip, they will have to pay £5
Registered riders chips act as a token week to week which they will exchange for a live chip activated for that event.
Numbers and chips are collected either in exchange for a chip or £5 – simple choice – remember your chip!
Non registered riders entering online or entries on the day will buy a chip for £5 which is returned at the end of the race when the chip is returned or can be retained to use in a future league event.
Chips will be attached to a riders shoe. This is because in cyclo-cross riders will change bikes and so it would not work with bike mounted chips as used in MTB and road races

First Aid. – Gerrard Brooks – MJB First Aid Services will be based in the race HQ.

Refreshments. – Hot and cold refreshments will be adjacent to the Rutland Room by TASTE OUTSIDE CATERING.

Toilet Facilities. – There will be porta loos near The Rutland Room, there are other toilets facilities across the far side of the lake.

Gazebos / Flags / Tents. – Cycling Club Gazebos / Flags / Tents are very welcome in the finish meadow. Please ensure you take any litter home with you or use the bins provided.

Joining us…
Taste Outside Catering –
Vanelli Cycle Clothing –
Big Bobble Hats –

You are very welcome to explore the estate. Please be aware that some sections of the course do not require course marking tape. The course is designed so that in certain areas you can see the competitors 3 or 4 times from one spot. Please use the clearly marked crossing points in the finish meadow.

Finally….Thank you to members and friends of WVCC for help prior to and on the day.

Welland Valley CC have been very fortunate that for over 25 years we have been able to use the splendid grounds of Misterton Hall for youth cycling activities and set up today’s course over a period of time.

Mrs Craven loves hosting this and other cycling events. Her enjoyment comes from watching you all participate and the friendliness of the sport. Mrs Craven can normally be found on car park duty mid-morning! If you get the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ please do.
Have a cracking days racing and enjoy.

Kind regards
Dean Barnett

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