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Rocky Races – Week Two

Thirty nine riders took to the track this evening (Tue 14th August) for the second team race night at Rockingham Motor Speedway.

The first race of the night – branded Paris-Roubaix – saw Josh van Nierop lead his team to a narrow 87-75 victory over Phil Rayner’s team.

Josh was the overall race winner (from Phil in second) and also took one of the sprint laps to bag maximum team and individual points. Other sprint winners were Rob Moore and James Simons-Boswell.

Results for the Paris-Roubaix race: Josh Van Nierop 30pts, Rob Moore 25, James Simons-Boswell 23, Phil Rayner 22, Nick Horder 17, Fraser Ayears 16, Julian Middleton 15, Nik Kershaw 14, Mark Fiddy DNF (mechanical).

Milan-San Remo was the second race; hotly contested by four teams of five.

Jon Durnin led his team to overall victory with 85pts, followed by Stuart Dawkins 76, Adrian Killworth 48 and Vic Barnett 41.

Gary Roberts was overall race winner. He also took a sprint lap, along with Jon Durnin and Linda Hubbard.

Results for the Milan-San Remo race: Gary Roberts 30pts, Jon Durnin 27, Linda Hubbard 22, David Reay 20, Stuart Dawkins 18, Richard Vallance 16, Kian Trainer 15, Adrian Killworth 14, Vic Barnett 13, Stewart Holland 12, Chris Dainty 11, Simon Beignet 10, Roger Kocklebergh 9, Dom Switzer 8, Matt Vallins 7, David Wilson 6, Andrew Ayears 5, Charlie Holton 4, Huw Wilson 3.

The Tour of Flanders race saw Charlie Simpson captain his team to a 116-82 victory. Charlie was also the highest scorer in the race – taking a sprint lap and the chequered flag. Hard on his heals was opposing captain Tim Crone, with 27pts – including a sprint lap. Ben Brant was the other sprint lap winner.

Results for the Tour of Flanders race: Charlie Simpson 30pts, Tim Crone 27, Ben Brant 25, Mac Carter 18, Jane Evans 17, Lorna Marlow 16, Jack Bosence 15, Richard Jones 14, Rudy Killworth 13, Claire Moore 12, Oliver Brookes 11.

Special mention must go to all the junior riders who competed in Milan-San Remo and the Tour of Flanders for ‘mixing it’ with the adults and riding with great skill and maturity.

The final Rocky Race takes place next Tuesday (21st August) and entries must be in to by noon on Monday 20th August.

Rockingham race track

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