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WVCC embraces new technology

Welland Valley has long been a leading cycling club, always looking to make great strides forward and embrace technology.

Supporting new technology, pinning on the traditional race number will become a thing of the past as each rider will utilise chip timing technology.

Chiptiming 4

Each member will have their own unique chip which can be set with the appropriate starting number at the race HQ.

The big bonus is the club member will never need to worry about forgetting their chip as it is injected into the base of your thumb.

Chiptiming 5

Regular visitors to club events will also be able to access the new technology, they will be charged a small fee for the use of ground breaking technology.

Ms A Sloof, Every Second Counts -Human Chiptiming, commented they are honoured to be providing Welland Valley with this unique ground breaking technology.

The chips will be injected into members from the start of April, tickety boo.

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