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Club Rides during COVID 19

Club runs are back.  As usual, we’ll be setting out from The Square, Market Harborough, at 9.15am.

However, there will be a few changes to the normal routine, as outlined below:

  1. To take part in a club run, you MUST sign up in advance by responding to the Facebook post or by emailing Please register by 6pm Saturday at the latest; but the earlier the better. By signing up in advance, it means the Club can ensure there are sufficient ride leaders on the day.
  2. All riders must observe social distancing when meeting at The Square; during the ride and at the finish.
  3. In line with British Cycling requirements, riders will go out in groups of up to 15 (but typically 8 to 10); and will be grouped with others of similar speed where possible.
  4. Rides will set off in a variety of directions to ensure groups don’t merge.
  5. We will ride two abreast where it is safe to do so.
  6. Rides will generally be 2-2.5hrs in duration and will end at Welland Park Cafe.
  7. Riders are asked to pop a face mask and gloves in their back pocket in the unlikely event of needing to help a fellow rider at close quarters. Riders are also advised to familiarise themselves with Section Two of British Cycling’s The Way Forward guidance (Click here to view).
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