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Amazing Hill Climbs

Social media was buzzing around WVCC members yesterday as the results of the national hill climb started to come in.

With thanks to Greg, for the films and in the order in which they raced, here’s some great footage of our three awesome members and their superb results.  We are looking forward very much to reading their race reports.


First off was Ruby Isaac who won the girls competition, being both the fastest juvenile (her own age group) and the fastest junior (the age group above her). She broke the junior record by 4 min 15 seconds!


At number 76, Kamila Leska was the first senior female rider to tackle the climb.  She came 3rd in her category.



Richard Latimer was rider number 338 and had a long wait for his turn to take on the hill. He too did exceptionally  well finishing in 14th place in his category.








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