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Whizz Kids Racing League 3

Good afternoon Whizz Kids and what a glorious afternoon of action. Today was round 3 of the Whizz Kids Racing League (supported by Alden Electrical), our season long multi discipline series of races designed to put the skills to a proper test. Today’s round was the skills omnium, a collection of elements run together and timed as a time trial. Today’s selection box contained slalom, two log rolls, 2 jumps, line riding, off road, bottle pickup and drop, and a stop box just before the finish just because I can. To be honest I’d planned to use more space but the park was busy today and we respected the space available.
There was some great efforts, and reports back from the course indicated that after each successive run the riders confidence and skillage improved.
Results will completed tomorrow (I’m out at a Eurovision “do” tonight!)
Massive thanks today to all the parents who acted as timekeepers marshals bottle runners and clear-up crew and thanks to Chairman Jon for providing brilliant support today.
We’re back in two weeks time and as usual details will follow.
Cheers for now!


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