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Its absolutely fabulous to receive reports like this from our younger riders. Here Aubrey Elmer explains about his time taking part in The East Midlands Go Ride Track Clusters at Derby Arena.

“I have been taking part in the East Midlands Go Ride Track Clusters at Derby Arena. These are for anybody from 9-16 years old and you can be an absolute beginner like me.
Derby Arena is a really good venue, the coaches are supportive and encouraging. You get to ride fast from the very start. I did not know how to use the clipless pedals but they showed me. Riding up the banking is scary at first but exciting as well. I love going fast and it is all fun, just massive fun. The biggest shock was realising there are no brakes on the bikes but I soon got used to stopping by gliding to slow down.
My top tips are: practise with clips beforehand if you have them, ride faster, overtake higher up the bends and don’t make any sharp turns.  
The next sessions are 15th May (—East-Midlands) and 22nd May (Go Ride Track Cluster East Midlands Events – British Cycling)
I’ll be at the 22nd May session. Parents get to watch and there is even a café for them!”

Thanks so much Aubrey!

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