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Whizz Kids Racing League 3

Good Evening Whizz Kids, here’s the details of the session on Saturday and it’s back to racing with Round 3 of the Whizz Kids Racing League (supported by Alden Electrical) and this time it’s the skills omnium at Welland Park. This will be a series of skills elements one after the other and against the clock and within the course you’ll fine slaloms, turns, ride the line, off/on and stop boxes, plus anything else I can fit into the car. Riders will start at 30 second intervals and the aim is to do a clear round in the quickest time, with seconds bein g added for any section that isn’t completed cleanly and this may be 1 second added for a minor (cone clipped etc.) through to 5 seconds for a complete failure or missed section.
We’ll have a course inspection starting at 2:00pm with first rider away shortly afterwards.
Now, we are light on coaches this week so I’ll be looking for some parent involvement in directing the riders and scoring the various sections as well as potentially starting duties too. If anyone can help on the day just come and see me and I’ll put you to work!
Sigh up sheet will be out to registered riders in a few minutes. Don’t forget your bike, helmet , and drink and we’ll See you on Saturday!  And if you do need any kit for the event drop down to see Neil at George Halls cycle centre and he’ll help you out


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