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Whizz Kids Skills – 9 April

Good evening Whizz Kids, here’s today’s wrap up report for our skills session held at Welland Park in today’s four seasons of weather. With Sun, Rain and hail to contend with our assembled riders worked on skills associated with today’s theme of braking and slow control. We split into two groups with the older riders going off to a technical section on the bank made more challenging by the brief hail shower as well as drills on the oval. The youngsters on single speed bikes had their own version on the tarmac with random numbered gates and of course Livvy’s super duper stop box. As riders progressed the white cones did some shape shifting and on different laps they had a circle, square and triangle to contend with to literally think outside of the bix. Thanks today to Ian and Simon for taking the older riders and Jade for helping me with the youngsters.
Next session is scheduled for two weeks time but we do have some challenges with coach availability so we may move the date, we’ll keep you up to date through the usual channels. So until the next time, Toodle Pip!


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