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It’s another RGT/Zwift mash up! Tuesday 28th December, TT at 7pm, Zwift ride at 730pm

It’s time to burn off the turkey with another RGT/Zwift mash up!

Tuesday 28th December sees a Kibworth 10 TT at 7pm on the RGT platform, followed by a ‘no drop’ Zwift ride on the Makuri Islands ‘Flatland Loop’ course at 730pm, where fresher riders can drag around the TT’ers on a warm down.

For the RGT TT, Riders should all be ready in the pen 5 minutes before the first rider departs (so 6.55pm).  Riders set off at 15 second intervals. Please note:

  • Drafting mode is off.
  • There is a separate carriageway for out and back and you only see the opposing leg for 1.5km at the turn.
  • There is a 1km to go banner…this is not the finishing line.

Event code: (or xLZFFKGgh1 if you are signing up via the RGT app).

The TT does not require an RGT subscription.  Everything you need to know about setting up on the RGT platform is here:… 

Zwift invites have been sent out for the 730PM ride and if you have not received one, and would like to be included please contact Jon Durnin or follow him on Zwift.

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