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Whizz Kids Saturday report

Good evening Whizz Kids, here’s a quick report on this afternoons skills session at Bruntingthorpe and despite being into mid-November it was (for a small minority of the coaches) still warm enough for shorts in the autumn sunshine. With over 20 riders signed up we split the session into two groups operating on different parts of the go-kart track with Kevin N and Jade working on a micro circuit with the single speeders and Simon, Ben, Kevin M and Ian on the full loop with the older riders and we had a really good session. It was back to school for the single speeders with a math’s lesson involving the numbered cones and adding up together with some cornering, braking, reactions and one handed riding. Over on the other side of the circuit the older riders had a dedicated time with Simon and Kevin leading a portion and Ben organising the race series at the end as the shadows got progressively longer. All this will be useful as we are back at Bruntingthorpe in two weeks time when we’ll build on today’s skills. It’ll be lovely if the weather is like today but certain newspapers have already guaranteed that we will be knee deep in snow by then, mind you they said that last year..and the year before…
Whatever happens we’re planning to be there.
Thanks today to the aforementioned coaches, to Sharon and Fabia from Cox Automotive for your hospitality and to the riders and their all important backroom teams.
We’ll see you in two weeks. Take care!



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