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Finally, the results you’ve all been waiting for are in!!

Silicon Valley’s most powerful computers have been crunching the numbers from the Bruntingthorpe Team Race Nights for the past two weeks. The task was massively complicated by a crash in the last race – with a number of competitors stopping to help at the scene and / or dropping out for a some / all laps. After much deliberation by many wise heads; all non-finishers and riders more than two laps down in the last race were awarded equal points.
All of which means the following: Overall team winners in the Race 1 series were Purple (captained at various times by Hans van Nierop, Austen Smith and Ed Grandidge) on 592pts, followed by Yellow on 507pts and Red on 477pts. In the Race 2 series, the winners were the Green team (captained at various times by Nick Clarke, Doug Tincell, Simon Ward and Mike Deeley) on 695pts; narrowly ahead of Blue (captains Lee James, David Reay, Huw Wilson and Andy Dean) on 655pts, Red II on 601pts and Orange on 526pts. In Race 3, it was a crushing overall victory for the Yellow II team (captained by Charlie Simpson, Ben Brant, Milly Pinnock and Gary Ashwell) on 785pts over Blue II on 610pts. Thanks once again to all the volunteers who made the Team Race Nights possible; along with our amazing hosts Cox Automotive.


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