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Our thanks go out to this week’s ‘guest reporter’ 15 year old WVCC rookie Alex Smith. Club Championship R10

“A little introduction about me. I am Alex Smith, I’m 15 years old, some of you may know me, and I’ve been cycling with WVCC for a little over a year now with my one-year anniversary being just last weekend! I started cycling over the first lockdown having done bits and bobs with my dad before that. My favourite memories being suffering up hills at age 7 with the impatient view of my dad looming over me – but how the tables have turned since then!

I looked to cycling as I had enough of playing FIFA and watching Netflix trying to fill the days, as many of us had during that period of time and it was something I had always admired. Watching my dad go out and recalling stories of adventures with his mates. So as soon as I started, I was hooked. I tried to get out as much as possible maybe even doing two rides in a day and once I had built the confidence to go out on my own, it had started a very healthy addiction.

Sport has always been in my life, from cross country running, to a successful football career, playing at Stamford bridge representing Leicester and winning the regional school cup. But I had never enjoyed those sports as I have cycling. The freedom it enables you to have and the flexibility of going out on rides whenever you please, makes it such an attractive sport for all of us. Disclaimer: my parents no longer share this passion as it is slowly wiping them of all their hard-earned money.

However, onto this evening’s TT. It was a stifling hot evening. The sun boiling down on all of us and as I arrived with the infamous ‘Yews Crew’ I could already begin to feel myself sweat despite the leisurely ride over. I was an early starter this week, going off at lucky number 7, so it was a quick turnaround once arriving there, but with the help of the lovely sign on team that have helped us all have a very successful year of TT’s, I was able to get to the start line with a couple of minutes to spare.

Although it was my 9th TT of the season, the nerves never seem to fade at the start and due to the start intervals being 30 seconds this week, people ahead of me were leaving one by one very quickly, until it was my turn. I got ready, started my Garmin and off I went, like the speed of light(ish). Due to it being hot, I found it hard this week. There was very little wind on the track, but it never really helped you out and as I got into my rhythm, I found the sweat beginning to pour over my sunglasses hindering my view.

But as the evening slowly wore on and I was beginning to feel immune to the pain, I found myself on the last lap. At this point, each pedal stoke was beginning to feel harder than the last and I knew I was nearly at the end. After the final drag along the tedious runway, I found myself giving it my all to the finish line. And before I knew it, I was done. As soon as I had finished, I looked down at my Garmin and saw a time of 26:17, which is an improvement to last week and not too bad considering the course not suiting my build and being on a road bike.

All in all, I felt reasonably happy with myself and wobbled my way to the toilet where I would proceed to soak myself in cold water for several minutes and drink several litres of water to attempt to cool my body down. Overall it was a lovely evening and has been a thoroughly enjoyable few months of my first evening TT’s and a huge thanks to everyone that has made them possible for us all. I can’t wait for next season as I’m sure it will be just as good and if not better!”

1) Tim Smith 22:45
2) Josh Van Nierop 23:09
3) Dom Switzer 23:14

1) Linda Hubbard 26:14

1) Dom Switzer 23:14

1) Chris Orfeur 24:38

Thanks to our hard pressed Time Keepers who had to wrangle with 30 second intervals and another bumper field of riders. Thanks also to other officials and volunteers.

The sun now sets on our events at Bruntingthorpe, a truly special place to race a bike! Our immense gratitude goes to Cox Automotive and Particularly Fabia and Sharon who have looked after us throughout the series of events.

Our thoughts now look forward to 19/09 CC R15, 25m TT 9am at Husbands Bosworth. Sign on opens Sunday!


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