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For the first time in almost 2 years riders and officials were able to enjoy catering post race, with some delicious Bacon Butties and Hot drinks.

Today’s race race report comes from Guest reporter and WVCC’s perennial women’s club champion, Linda Hubbard.

“You could say that i have ridden quite a few time trials over the years but, I still get nervous before every single one.  My first ever TT was in May 1983.  The same day as my O’level Human Biology exam!  My Dad suggested that we ride the Taurus CC club 10 on the Narborough to Sharnford course  (another course no longer used).  My Dad, my sister Susan and I all rode the 10 that evening – 10 miles seemed such a long way!   We were all on road bikes, in those days clipless pedals were yet to be a thing and tri-bars didn’t exist.  So it was standard road bikes and no helmets!  I did 33.34 Susan 35:49 and my dad 36:16 Not too bad considering we didn’t do any training;  Susan and I had two main cycling routes : one was 8.5 miles and, if we were feeling keen, we would ride the 11 mile route!  

We rode a few evening time trials and I was always under the impression that if I could do a 32 minute 10 or get under 30 minutes then it would be easier!  I think it was local legend Geoff Platts who said to me “It doesn’t get easier you just go faster” which is very true!

This morning, thankfully, the weather was much better than it has been lately and although there was a bit of a headwind to the turn it wasn’t cold.  I found the road from McD’s to the turn really bumpy, it seemed rougher than Bruntingthorpe in places! I always wonder too, how it feels uphill to the turn roundabout but looks downhill (maybe that’s just me).  I had to brake to wait for a couple of cars at the turn, but not so bad that I needed to unclip. The way back was better than the way out!  After a dip in form lately I was pleased with my time, but wonder if I could do 23 minutes for a 10 would it feel easier😂”

1) Bernard Galea (R) LFCC 21:36
2) Gary Roberts 21:53
3) Tim Smith 22:02

1) Linda Hubbard 25:17

1) Bernard Galea 21:36

1) Cameron Potter (R) 24:07

Thank you Linda for your brilliant account and of course thanks to all the officials, marshals and volunteers,  without whom we could not run the events


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