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A course had been prepared with some edited highlights of Misterton mixing grass, hardpack and a mixture of leaf mulch and loose twigs in the woods.

The riders lined up for the first race of around 25 mins anti-clockwise uphill through the finishing field before diving through the first wooded section struggling to get traction on a couple of dead turns before exiting onto a tarmac path and a turn onto grass down to the bridge and a climb on hardpack to the corner of the Misterton estate to a fast section with exposed corners of bricks to catch out the unwary.

The riders then turned into the section of woods for a twisty descent on loose woodland soil, a slippery turn uphill before bunny-hopping over a small log to leave the wood onto tarmac over the bridge to return to the finish.

After 20 minutes course inspection and recovery the riders lined up for the second race – a handicap based on the results of the 2nd race, but this time clockwise. The course offered some different challenges riding in the opposite direction, the log bunny-hop was more of a challenge at low speed, as was the loamy ascent through the woods.

The hardpack descent was a test of control, braking at the last moment before a dog-leg to cross the bridge. Everyone enjoyed the racing which was a good taster for the ‘cross season proper which starts in September.


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